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Wife of athlete Addison Russell files for divorce

Some would likely argue that baseball is one of America's favorite pastimes. Because of the sport's popularity, players and their wives often receive a great deal of scrutiny of their lives from people in New Hampshire and across the country. As a result, a recent instagram post by Melisa Reidy-Russell, accusing her husband and baseball player Addison Russell of infidelity, received some attention. She has since filed for divorce.

The couple, both 23, married in Jan. 2016 and share a 1-year-old son. A representative for Reidy-Russell claims that the couple have different opinions regarding how the marriage should proceed and were experiencing a great deal of conflict. Although the original social media post has been removed, the same representative claims that Reidy-Russell stands by her claims.  

Collaborative divorce: A solution to property division quarrels?

Navigating the divorce process in New Hampshire can understandably be difficult due to the financial and emotional challenges associated with it. In some divorce cases, the process is relatively straightforward, as the two parties agree on virtually all matters. However, the dissolution of a marriage can be especially confusing if you and your spouse do not agree on many issues.

You and your spouse might not be able to see eye to eye on matters such as property division, spousal support or child custody. However, that does not mean you have to rely on a judge to resolve these issues for you. Instead, you can address them through the collaborative divorce process.

Spousal support ruling issued in Mary J. Blige's divorce

Most every married couple would admit that being married is hard work. Even couples who seem to have relatively stable relationships sometimes experience hardships that they are unable to overcome. Unfortunately, couples who are in the spotlight often face more stresses than the typical couple in New Hampshire. Additionally, when there are a great deal of assets involved that must be divided in the event of a divorce, the proceedings can quickly become more complicated.

The divorce of performer Mary J. Blige has recently attracted a great deal of media attention. Recently, a judge has issued a ruling regarding the spousal support requested by her estranged husband, who had also served as her manager. Although he had originally requested almost $130,000 a month, the judge deemed that amount unreasonable, instead awarding him $30,000.

Financial issues to consider in a divorce

A large number of people in New Hampshire make a plan for the future that often includes saving money to live on during retirement. Unfortunately, many people do not plan for a divorce. As a result, approximately 64 percent of survey respondents indicated that the end of their marriage caused a financial crisis. Because many people who choose such a course do so because it is in the best interest of their overall well-being, the financial risk is likely worth it. Fortunately, there are several steps to help prevent the crisis these respondents described.

First, some family law professionals describe the importance of creating a team to provide advice during the process. One of the most important members of this team is an experienced attorney who can explain a person's responsibilities and legal rights. Such a professional can help create a plan regarding child and spousal support, among other issues.

Neighboring state adopts new child custody approach

When parents decide to end their marriage, there are often multiple, difficult decisions that must be made. Perhaps one of the most important ones involves child custody. While courts in New Hampshire are dedicated to making decisions that are in the best interests of the children involved, their goal is often to shield children from the proceedings as much as possible.

One county in a neighboring state is attempting a new approach. Beginning in the spring, the probate and family court began piloting a new program called Family Resolutions Specialty Court. Since they began the program, approximately 10 families have been through it.

Husband of Olympian Michelle Kwan seeks divorce

The end of a marriage typically has some degree of hardships. However, many couples in New Hampshire are able to work together to come to an amicable divorce settlement. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and additional stress may be felt if the couple has achieved some degree of fame as the media is often eager to report details of the split.

For example, details regarding the divorce of former Olympian Michelle Kwan and her husband, former security staffer for the Obama administration, have recently been published in several news reports. According to reports, the couple initially met in 2011 and married in 2013. Court records have provided additional details of their split.

False information can lead to divorce

Often, as soon as a couple in New Hampshire announces their intention to marry, their well-meaning loved ones and friends take it upon themselves to provide advice about how to have a successful marriage. Unfortunately, all couples are unique and require different things. Sometimes, the changes that occur as two people navigate life leave them incompatible, meaning the decision to divorce may have nothing to do with the effort a couple puts into their relationship.

Some studies have even recently found that steps that were previously thought to help a couple work through conflict may not be productive. For example, many couples utilize active listening strategies. However, some research shows that such methods are ineffective for many couples. Even for couples who did have some initial success, the benefits largely disappeared within a year.

Surprising reasons for divorce

The average person in New Hampshire likely knows someone who has made the decision to end a marriage. When most people think of the reasons for a divorce, they probably think there were major issues in the marriage, such as adultery or drug addiction. However, there are seemingly minor issues that are often overlooked that could ultimately damage a relationship.

One issue is the use of social media. For many people, sites like Facebook take a great deal of their time. Not only can it limit the quantity of time a couple spends together, it can also reduce the quality of time if one person is distracted by notifications or unwilling to give his or her full attention to a partner. Additionally, some professionals claim that a lack of eye contact -- as a result of failing to look away from a phone or television, for example -- can lead to a lack of intimacy that can harm a relationship.

Know your rights when it comes to summer vacations and divorce

As a concerned parent, you likely researched various topics regarding children and divorce before the court issued a decree in your situation. Like most other New Hampshire parents, you only want what's best for your children, and you went into divorce knowing it would greatly affect their lives. However, you determined you would not let the breakdown of your marriage deteriorate your relationship with your kids.

In fact, as soon as you decided divorce was your most viable option, you began making future parenting plans that would help you remain active and involved in your children's lives. Since you were not going to become the custodial parent, this topic was (and is) of paramount importance to you. As you made plans for summer vacation, it occurred to you there might be rules and regulations on such matters in divorce.

What is a postnuptial agreement's role in divorce proceedings?

For thousands of years, families have negotiated a trade of land and other assets prior to a couple's marriage. In the past, families were ultimately deciding what would happen upon the death of one of the spouses. However, within the last few decades, many couples have agreed to a prenuptial agreement that details what will happen in the event a marriage ends due to divorce. There is another tool available to help ease the end of a marriage for couples in New Hampshire and elsewhere -- a postnuptial agreement.

A postnuptial agreement is similar to a prenup except that it is signed after a marriage takes place. While prenups are typically difficult to successfully challenge in court, it is more difficult to predict whether a postnup will be upheld in court because they are newer and not used as often. For those reasons, some professionals recommend a prenup over a postnup.